Planet Narcissus


Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

I'm a freelance contractor based in Auckland and currently involved in Event Management, Corporate Photography, Video Production, Oral History Recordings and Podcasting.

My past experience includes eight years in advertising & creative management (Unitec) and restaurant & nightclub ownership and management (Descarga Cubana).

Currently, I work as a freelance contractor applying my diverse skills to many different professional and personal projects.

I'm a person with many skills, interests and creative pursuits.  Below you'll find samples of my work.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more.

Eat Auckland Promotion

Ponsonby Promotion

Auckland Pride Parade 2018

Ponsonby - NZ Fashion Weekend

Ha Poke

Adam Arnold Promo

Arriba Latinos TV Series - Promotional Compilation

Paper Rain Project

Surrender Dorothy

Arriba Latinos TV Series - Promotional Compilation

Salsa Part One

Latin Community in NZ

PODCAST - Memories of Auckland Past

In this podcast series, we hear stories from local people telling about their life growing up in Auckland. Hosted by Everall Deans.

Assisted with funding from the Creative Communities Scheme.

Available to download now,