Marie Smith Photo Album – Ep1

Marie Smith at ages 18 and 80 (1955 and 2017). 

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  • Marie aged 17 (2nd from right), attending the school ball.
  • Marie aged 14 years as a school student [top-left], Auckland Girl's Grammar School.
  • Marie as a teacher in 1973 at Kingsford Primary School, Mangere, Auckland.
  • Marie aged 21 (top-centre) on the Rangitane ship bound for England in1958.

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  • Vera Wood (Marie's mother) taken between 1926 and 1932.
  • A.S Richards, MP, Auckland. (Marie's grandfather) Aged approx 69 years old. Photo taken 1947/48.
  • Marie aged 7 years old with her toys including 'Tojo' - named after General Tôjô Hideki (1884-1948) - the leader of Japan’s government, during WW2

Telegram from Michael J Savage

Copy of a telegram to AS Richards (Marie's grandfather), sent by Michael J Savage in 1938 to congratulate him on winning a seat in Parliament.

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