Wayne Andrew Photo Album – Ep1

  • Wayne aged 22 (left) with his friend Jimmy at Auckland Airport on their way to Sydney
  • Wayne (top) with a group of friends on their working holiday travelling around the South Island.
  • Wayne at age 17 holding the family dog 'Pim' in 1964

  • Wayne aged 20 (1976) lounging on the front steps of a bedsit on Colombo Street, Christchurch
  • Devonport ferry in 1964. You can see a bit of the wharf shed which has now been pulled down to build The Cloud.
  • View along Balmoral Road towards St Lukes/Dominion Road (probably taken in 1964)
  • Wayne's 1934 Plymouth purchased in Christchurch. He drove all around the South Island in this vehicle. It had wooden spokes on the wheels.

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